Mut, Liebe und Power für das Jahr 2023


Willkommen im kraftvollen Marsjahr 2023. Ganz können wir es immer noch nicht begreifen, wie schnell das Jahr 2022 verging und wie sehr uns dieses magische Jahr verändert und transformiert hat. Kurz vor Jahreswechsel haben wir noch einmal ordentlich in der Tiefe bei uns aufgeräumt und Klarheit für uns geschaffen. Es gibt einiges, was wir in diesem kraftvollen Marsjahr bewirken möchten. Das Thema Berufung darf noch weiter in die Tiefe gehen, denn wir ALLE dürfen uns jetzt wieder an unseren wahren Auftrag erinnern! Es braucht mehr Menschen, die jetzt mutig voranschreiten und somit andere auch inspirieren und ermutigen. In dieser Folge erfährst du unsere Entwicklung und was wir in Planung haben. Viel Spaß beim Zuhören und einen lichtvollen, mutigen Start ins neue Jahr.



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00:00:00: Music.

00:00:11: He had sleep will comment so I Ninoy in forget I'm berufungspodcast yet student need for getting along.

00:00:20: We should lesbian sits in these nine yards by a thousand times fancy climate is a podcast following beginning and also sang.

00:00:28: Andy I wished I'd never been in a dance piece on again and again there's no yard and burns on his sofa Catan it's an academy to me Iris and in Thailand.

00:00:38: Continent on my soul feel feelings clear and on this is so filling filling project known do a big online 400 damage Dish Dish can emit Neiman of Desert Winds.

00:00:52: Then it can't be good for Ashton as still as cans feeling Spirits you not mood for Italian video game content last year you are actually for you would see here span and a 53-yard field passband suhan.

00:01:03: Music.

00:01:09: It's is pretty it's my land behind guns toilets noise yards wide thousand Bryant's once he would intentionally covid contest

00:01:18: yada yada is optional snow guns in diner and hyoeun before putting in then he buys his lost a good Farmers inside Novia Sylvester Andre Norton and to house he fired him

00:01:29: the system has a unique constants that are super easy to climb up all around and they got soul which this inventiveness

00:01:37: the energy is formed in Yaris turn off kid,

00:01:40: this is Ines was here shown in the latest podcast following video is shorter materials pornography which the DNA Helix and the highest one but he had such a beautiful island side and yeah he comes in Managua devastatingly

00:01:52: Phoebus on Dusty's around outside and Forest and we have me a lesson Sylvester,

00:02:02: guns guns big boost to fire in an unfeeling streaking instability so a hint of cinnamon Muhammad's vehicle it's white Target for.

00:02:11: I'm formulas Vic's Lombardo manager manager Rising with Nicolas Mattia.

00:02:18: Yeah from rice to Congressional medals he coached this is the one I know and say yes can coach is supposed to be creating organic chemist

00:02:25: but in an online course after binding you stated in the rice comes Congress skated through 50 lead over again Sim yeah no I'm presently on abolished admit that's a large can see Italian

00:02:37: before Lincoln and often linked Toronto yeah I didn't you call instrumental a violin or Thailand,

00:02:43: I was given that as a tremendous Mafia and Yancey lip kit lip kits neighborhoods in this Bungalow and this is an English weird flower starting with a ham unique all had enemies quickly,

00:02:56: jahr elongation manager for profit in the souls they had a phone graduates in this aside.

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00:03:24: - but instead mentions on an alpha male and I'm going to undergo a gnome failed oh never mind

00:03:30: loose leaf tea tea skin can as a human's name and I also mentioned them an unfair to harm your mother would have smoothly he assumed when we had sucks knee

00:03:39: so you mention hobby have an economist and my sister would Martin insomnia or tend to shut up instantly Mia

00:03:46: then we kissed on the Mavs to autism mentions of reason they're limiting

00:03:51: I would have pursued it obvious cameras ever see complete tag to the trout to time what intended to hear about and dances for in his own field to be so radical new markets like Valentine

00:04:04: action versus bones Alex Keaton are good yeah,

00:04:11: this is the Caravan will by unsympathetic side petition should keep going and send them September as a we all skin tones and I'll silence.

00:04:20: Benny he refused and understanding Transformer children and give you is not happens in mine or I so does his weekly.

00:04:29: He's coming he's coming what diff us invalid certificate it helped us get fuel has used its veto so she confesses up Katara Aang Reardon as a.

00:04:41: Which presentation software is team of easy everyone conditioner on universal law gets in size or 6th of so I saw a definite seeing was her Emma on this these shift knobs he had spent me aside Jim.

00:04:55: He's stripped them hours to know him and Mia where is she playing.

00:05:04: Is it in we all kind of Wonder well as it's almost an already color should Warehouse of some guns and give won't understand one of my social Percy it is had the dog if he was on an shops a big common must have archons really sang

00:05:16: the 10 TV charisma

00:05:19: tischendorf my mentor by authorized no let me quickly follow one we filled our risk feel have dinner with me it's minor Heimer don't do kids needs Anglican this is his house with a gun said protest as he hits the alleged morality but maybe like its own heart which can make trouble.

00:05:34: It's normal in the teeth in Sean was entirely she was by my own helps him a video and asking instructor missing in me and this is hammered get a feel for uncle

00:05:45: you got to know my lips but is a shaman dry sequence for your receptionist.

00:05:51: Finished a lot of Missouri edition of indecency common as we have physical factors May disagree on Seabourn half-tones until completely filled her decision.

00:06:01: He's a scornful drown in sleep mode me and for her finalize it he filled water matters he common assistant principal Country Girl.

00:06:11: But this must be him you're adrift each made Tillotson wanted to or not credits Ferguson of my jurisdiction are bad.

00:06:20: As well after she management residency so angry Furious British manufacturer uses estimates of rectification Adam Siesta majority of orange stain owned.

00:06:30: Important half don't know Christy Karma got entice him guns feeling this erect a sip and you normally don't work for drown it dropped off mine and.

00:06:39: Setups to be absolutely to recoil starter has his flag Shanti moments helps to where there was one mini clavis the others are only T forget what I said was for say

00:06:51: I'm sorry Stevie do food and drafted a star and they're still out of money per kg body hadn't left.

00:06:57: From slabs TR TR Obama took up on the garbage to see I can.

00:07:03: Levy Artful design his polish me often of a kind I don't know Swagat onhub table Tamil complement the uneven to Cannon films real bad.

00:07:12: The common timbersaw it may be so futile is feedback on yahi for mannequins and even if it doesn't really nutty flavor and lemon to Kernan that's how darn occupy Iraq.

00:07:23: With dogging seemed ominous and seems to add videos which teacher Anthony Moon isn't really him alone we go away stinky happened to stop by.

00:07:32: We begin in my mind the Tifa so fast in Versailles neighborhood from either of us by emailing it as this assuming it's not too legit ones I hope team on this beautiful steamer

00:07:42: doesn't he own server all kind of monster quite feel now become an.

00:07:49: As a numeric and y'all him a mere this is that's this is berufung steamer Nico bound selves so futuristic is.

00:07:57: So on and is this hour so fugitive and storm get under mention that in speak Lion in this is berufung steamer.

00:08:06: Is Marcus is in the TV in my madman in seelenplan and,

00:08:10: but it's not normal so feel ashamed or Hunter and diets also hold this flashlight.

00:08:18: Flag miss it so why don't we feel that some tell Artie what Darrell skip weekly so in d.c. less sense random versus The View click it.

00:08:25: When he stanky the cuts diamond on no but flaky always make it dozens of team and you can see but owns him next neon of malfatti food.

00:08:34: UND so with the energy chamber is fit around 23,000 plans once he finished a very cliquish band videos feared Wiley Fuller,

00:08:44: Sweden's every week to see Harvey and this with Nia was here feel ya even be vegan coming can feel in the home setting or coming can it help out the sort of you are marked as give you lasted side's position.

00:08:56: Um in demons here woman so he was forced already summoned said this in some manifest that soon a market survey and he's still a great Barber

00:09:05: thank you Joe for know in my heart I'm a lesbian weekly volna string her budget so much below handle it podcast following sir,

00:09:13: and some knowledge ticking be careful what you wish as a this is its weekly was to in the Tifa setups merge data sources we don't know any condition yet the sheet,

00:09:25: this is Mama gone into I'm booked herself with me to identification that brought him home building this aside physics herbs in the tea for the swing.

00:09:35: Ben Mitch mentioned Frank we have on the Navy Commons industry gets to fries and all.

00:09:42: The machine with a song every element it's a big boost in my video decide figgins feel helipad bones helps genome and only my video this is Chic no up to town my name is,

00:09:52: come typed if you hadn't listened to human hamster Radke function isn't done with my fryer don't know,

00:09:58: kind of on we've published only notified so foolish to Lindsay I've heard how hulst I'm with smearing finished on these are teeth are too common.

00:10:07: UND Envision angle speech PornHub this is unfolded Xerox which does not have a complete annoyed then limb list,

00:10:17: be its bones its madani called woman salinity fagin can doesn't Vans and are you shaking.

00:10:25: Yeah this pursued her team has been doing speaking into afternoon and steps.

00:10:31: To tying or tend to check out a video of nuns in a TV can in Lyon and India have abramowitz I did he come in comic movie to hold on.

00:10:41: Yeah my fish lost 16 yards from the steamer.

00:10:45: One way we do any base harm or a one visible terrorizing something to be shown see a shift kicked in - I'd roommate is born half truths will be filtered jetzt way to get fuel up his opponent after his visit our.

00:10:59: Give me a kiss captain wuntch in Menorca and Sweden a base to sharpen our deceased 1,000 guns and began in Turkey allows before I have where I couldn't in the Mongol determine decided were happening in past.

00:11:13: And some time at some tiles only most productive base on the others are being the unders it skin easy to measure plots rise normal with a majestic,

00:11:22: Absolution do house against another king size bed sits new slim give you the district Karnataka has not finished and finished work of Jesus

00:11:32: team of one base for Woods along a movie that work the stuff Target get hired again

00:11:37: let's get so enriched in the I feel reborn after we do and have about Vicki closed off soon.

00:11:44: Some guns I in his voice he annoys you know the house as a do a simple comment as we're in September in Frank righteous one and frankly he's a plant essence.

00:11:56: Inside Ian Vic lighted as we wanted and they are off to view full self appointment time learned while M programs.

00:12:05: And we can enhance a good fortune the Nexus yawns to fuck with Slava need to complete to the woods in the smells like to hear,

00:12:14: as investors can see ya people are asking to talk to her I understand bind off with strut Mount Zion this is so.

00:12:23: Westfield it's got it washed in Kernan.

00:12:25: Cano and if your mixture of sea on concerts mid-level or full name fella don't even know why didn't you mention that religion the t-50 Clyde,

00:12:34: you know I can't talk enough Japan its ocean and demotivated dimension intensive meet congressman be clad in white naturally over New Hall is being very immersed in minor seelenplan reading sweater

00:12:46: at Ethan this is this week is October dust here.

00:12:50: Vice is T-Mobile from the field as a t figueres with dying and that I'm lucky I'm not mind took T fucking in my dimension.

00:12:59: UND they are staying at our house with she feels a game and see the energy deviates card as a hobby then now.

00:13:09: His winch it's Tia and Von Teese Estella weekly and in mood taking on positive and start our hands Nia when the energy among women or something hang copy of the skiffle or side.

00:13:24: How may I be sacked or first dedicate that as a,

00:13:30: keeping the code above his head but Shrine as a learning process it s ambitions

00:13:38: you had off the to go now and it's a beast in fun quits fun-loving.

00:13:47: Yeah I've been filed Dimension by the Hindu antifa to pick lighten this is me I'm sweating he had since I'm leaving.

00:13:53: Basta I was interested will be insane to races are farms every so phonons 10 min podcast mahisha super can avoid device Moonglow prefix plasma.

00:14:03: UND you better newsletter a lady with newsletter and get hyung's in their fans of his way above him there's no way he can.

00:14:11: Yeah it's real shady it's normal and superstardom.

00:14:13: Music.

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